Explant Procedures

I recently wrote an article collecting my thoughts and experiences on breast implants and removals.  I attach it here, and hope it adds some perspective on the decisions we make about ourselves and our bodies:

Reflections on Breast Implants and Explantation.

Before and After Photos


This young lady had silicone gel implants placed, but then became more interested in yoga and health.  As a yoga instructor, she no longer wanted the implants.

patient b

This lady had submuscular saline implants placed many years ago.  Before kids, before her life changed.   Now she was into triathalons and exercise.   The implants just got in the way.   She had them removed.


This lady had subglandular implants placed so long ago, she actually forgot about them.   However, she started having numerous problems, including “brain fog.”    Her mother suggested she consider maybe it was her implants.   After she had them removed, she did start to feel better.


This older lady had silicone implants placed over thirty years ago.   They were as hard as rocks, but she just endured them.   Everyone is worried that their breasts will look like this after removal!   But this young lady is really the exception.   She is very thin.  Her skin is very thin.  She is older.   Her implants were really hard and she had them in place for over thirty years, causing her own breast tissue to atrophy from the pressure.

patient e

She went to the doctor because she felt her breasts were too droopy.   She was convinced to have implants.   With implants, she felt too large and self-conscious.   When she had them removed, she wanted a lift done, which is what she really wanted in the first place.    The incision is around the nipple and a line going down, a “lollipop” lift.

patient f

After having her subglandular implants removed, she felt very deflated.    She had one round of fat transfers which acted sort of like “frosting on a cupcake.”   It did not really change the size,  but helped fill in the dents.