Endermologie is a special massage technique developed in Europe, and now available in Denver.

A series of 30 minute-long treatments, once or twice weekly, can have long lasting effects on skin tone. These treatments, which actually feel good, will help you achieve something that no lifestyle change can: a visible improvement in those dimpled, cellulite areas. Experience the benefits of dramatically improved circulation resulting in tighter skin, improved tone and diminished cellulite. Endermologie can also be combined with external ultrasound to accelerate healing.

Endermologie, like any massage therapy, is very operator dependent. Stephanie Ebert is an endermologist par excellence. A proven athlete, she was one of the first women in the Western United States to perform this service and has been an Endermologie Technician for 13 years. Stephanie previously had been working in occupational and physical therapy, but after she saw the impressive and consistent results she was able to provide with endermologie, she decided to devote herself completely to this practice! She now has been doing endermologie exclusively for the last eight years, and has been featured in the Denver Post and on Channel 4 News. Stephanie is located in Cherry Creek at 100 South Madison Street, at 303-587-7111. With her background in occupational/ physical therapy, she is also helpful in guiding you to a complete program for fitness.

For a good time call Stephanie, our Empress of Endermologie, for a free consultation! To learn more about her services, visit www.coloradoendermologie.com