Dr. Huang gave me my life back.

As an only child, and after years of caring for my elderly parents, the toll was showing on my face. It was very disheartening to look in the mirror and see no zest, life, or light in my eyes. My smile was weak and pained. When I looked in the mirror, I did not recognize the person that looked back at me.

I had previously checked with several Medical professionals on who had the BEST reputation as a plastic surgeon in the Denver area. The best surgeon repeatedly stated was Dr. Linda Huang. Since Medical personal know the stars in their respective profession, I valued their recommendations. I continued to do my homework by checking Dr. Huang’s background and certifications on the internet. After feeling assured I had the correct Doctor and several more glances in the mirror, I made the appointment. Her staff was supportive, reassuring, and professional. The longevity of her staff reaffirmed the recommendations of her colleagues.

As the appointment approached, I became apprehensive, however from my first greeting, my fears and nervousness disappeared. The consultation and evaluation of my facial concerns were quickly resolved. I really liked her manner—caring and understanding of my wants and fears. I appreciated her reassurance that “all would be well” and her explanation, in detail, of what she recommended. I received and individualized booklet, explaining everything I needed to know prior, during, and after the surgical procedure. The care in the hospital following the surgical procedure was tremendous, supportive, and individualized. It was a very positive experience. Dr. Huang repeatedly checked and rechecked my status. Upon returning home, besides her supportive calls, came a hand written card of support.

The provided booklet from Dr. Huang guided me through my stages of recovery successfully. The booklet continued to answer my questions and explained my concerns. 

The scope of the experience with Dr. Huang was a successful adventure with numerous benefits beyond the surgical improvements. My self-image and vest for life have returned. I now look in the mirror and recognize the smile and the twinkle in my eye that I thought had been lost forever.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Linda Huang and her expertise to any person seeking a Plastic Surgeon. I feel very blessed to have found her. Thank you Dr. Huang for helping me through the journey to regain my lost years.

Breast Augmentation:

My experience with Dr. Linda Huang and her staff was beyond what I could have expected. From the moment I walked in the door for my first consultation the staff made me feel right at home. They treated me as a friend answering all my questions and making sure I was comfortable with the process. Dr. Huang did an amazing job. I could not be more pleased with the results! I highly recommend Dr. huang to anyone considering any type of procedure.


Dear Dr. Huang

Your ads always capture my attention and make me happy to see your smiling face and the whimsy of your ad copy.

In the three years since you dramatically improved my appearance, my self confidence and esteem also have bloomed to a point perhaps greater then at any other time in my life. The confidence and boldness I now have helped me take a positive stand on launching a start-up. For years I had conducted research and planning toward the venture and last October, I incorporated. This card will give you an idea of what the company is about and I am sure the boldness I needed to make this happen was assisted your fine work in the world.


Breast Reduction:    

Hi My name is Linda… Dr. Huang had done a reduction on me in the late '90s. I have to say, it was the most awesome thing I have ever done in my life. She made me feel the best about myself that I had ever felt in my life. After the procedure, I went back to work and have to laugh as I think back at that time, as I was lifting my top and showing everyone I came in contact how I had the cutest little boobies in the world!!!!
    I am now 50 and to this day I still have comments made about my breasts and just the other day had someone tell me that I had the most perfect chest they had ever seen that hadn’t had implants. They told me I needed to write her and tell her how great of a job she does, so here I am once again after many years writing to you to let you know how you have changed my life and still continue to make me feel good about my appearance. Thank you so much and I hope to one day soon come and visit you for other great procedures. I would never consider using anyone but you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Tummy Tuck:

I wanted to let you know that I put the [tummy tuck] surgery to good use.  It is so much easier to exercise following the skin apron being removed that I have now completed a sprint triathlon the last 3 years.  I can't say that I am particularly fast in the race, but I certainly have fun and don't finish in the last group.  Overall, the surgery has helped me become much more healthy by being able to exercise/train.

Naturally, as you noted when you had to do the revision a few months after the initial surgery I still suffer from stretchy skin.  But a little pouch is nothing like what I had.  You have the old pictures to prove that.

Hope you have time to read this letter and appreciate the life style change that I have followed through on.


Fat Grafts & Liposuction:

    Dr. Linda Huang is not simply the most gifted plastic surgeon around, but an amazing artist with a true understanding of what looks natural and fabulous and how to achieve it. The fat grafts that she completed on my face have given me at least ten years back. I look at pictures of when I was in my early thirties, and my face looked natural and youthful and I have it back now. No longer do I have bags under my eyes and serious crows feet, and what's really great is how she achieved this by so very carefully placing fat in just the right places!!! No stitches! Yes there is social downtime due to bruising and swelling. But SO what, WOW talk about worth it. I have had botox and juvederm but nothing compares to your own fat in my opinion.
    As for liposuction, I have had a couple of procedures by Dr. Huang. I would trust absolutely no other. I mean that most sincerely. In my late twenties I went to another plastic surgeon in Denver and my results were nothing less than scary. I was horrified and went to Dr. Huang to attempt to correct and she did all that and then some. When she says she goes for the extra credit that is so very true. Recently she did liposuction to my inner thighs at the same time as the fat transfer, and yes I am only two weeks into recovery, but hey my thighs already no longer rub together when I walk!! Tell me I am alone in that deal.
    So what do I say when my friends compliment my new look? "Thank you, my face and body by Huang!!"